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ELEFANT Sugar Dissolving Oil™ - the best solution to all sticky problems

The original formula of ELEFANT Sugar Dissolving Oil™ or «Zuckerlöseöl», as it is called in German, has always been one of the company's most guarded secrets.
This high-quality product is often copied but never duplicated.
The original ELEFANT Sugar Dissolving Oil™ is characterized by high stability, long shelf life and the extraordinary fineness of the emulsion.

Fields of applications

Original ELEFANT Sugar Dissolving Oil™ is a special product used to remove sugar accumulations which from wrapping machines and other process equipment.
ELEFANT Sugar Dissolving Oil™ is particularly recommended for use in the confectionery, pharmaceutical and many other sugar processing industries for the following applications:
  • use to easily remove sugar accumulations and heavy caramel crusts
  • use to lubricate affected parts
  • use to prevent new accumulations of sugar
  • use on chains of flow-wrapping equipment. The chains will run smooth without being slowed down by sugar dust or similar.
  • use on hatches, springs and hinges to avoid jamming
  • use on press jaws, tablet presses and moving parts of packaging or production equipment
  • use on cutters or blades
  • use on conveyors transporting food with content of natural or artificial sugar like chocolates, pieces of fruit, pastry or treats in general
  • use on weighting plates of multihead weighers to avoid false weights
  • use neat as a bearing lubricant on slide ways where contamination by sugar or sugar dust is a problem

Benefits of the Original Sugar Dissolving Oil™

  • ELEFANT sugar dissolving oil is fully compliant with FDA H1 rules (21 CFR 178.3570).
  • reduces the time of maintenance and the number of expensive shutdowns of your equipment, increasing the performance and the reliability.
  • is practically odourless which guarantees a more pleasant working environment.
  • formula is exceptionally stable and extremely durable in time.
  • is harmless provided safe work practices and sensible hygiene precautions are followed.
  • acts to prevent sugar build-up when applied.
  • dissolves the sugar on your equipment and keeps it clean.


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