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On which equipments is the oil used?

ELEFANT Oil® is applied on machines such as STICK-PACK, FLOW-PACK, SINGLE & DOUBLE TWIST WRAPPERS, LOLLIPOP WRAPPERS, MOGUL, candy coaters, candy or gum depositors, multihead scales, weighing equipment for powders, slicers, baggers and others.

In what areas of the machines is the oil used?

Basically ELEFANT® Oil is used wherever sugar may accumulate on production or packaging machinery. Also, It is used on parts that hold or carry the candy to the packaging process (for example, on chains, clamps, on the conveyor belt, the guillotines, in the bearings, etc.) to ensure that the product launches in a timely manner. It is also used on parts that seal the package (eg, on jaws, fingers, etc.) to prevent the wrap from sticking to them interrupting the packaging process. It is also used for the multihead scales to eliminate and prevent accumulation of product giving inaccurate weights. It is used for cleaning at the end of production of tanks containing liquids or sugar candy to make sure no deposits remain in order to avoid damages on pistons and rubber seals due to the crystalline structure of sugar deposits, or simply to avoid congestion in the pipes.

What are the advantages of using the oil?

The machines are running constantly at full speed, dramatically increasing efficiency and production capacity without investing in additional lines. It dramatically reduces the cleaning cycles and therefore scheduled stops. ELEFANT Oil® facilitates the cleaning of the machines and packaging equipment and dissolves quickly and without the need for water all deposits of residual sugar, candy, gum and starch. After use, the product leaves a thin layer which in turn slows the accumulation of new sugar deposits.

How is the oil applied?

Depending on the accessibility and location of the parts, the oil is applied with a cloth, an oil can, a brush, a spray or a sponge.

What is the shelf life of the oil?

ELEFANT Oil® is very economical, stable in its formulation and has a minimum shelf life of 18 months. The oil should be stored in a clean, dark and cool place (5°C to 25°C or 40°F to 80°F).

Is the oil food grade?

Yes, ELEFANT Oil® is registered with the NSF under the number 138316 in the category H1 according to the criteria defined by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations in Title 21, Part 178 (FOOD GRADE OILS).

What units are available?

ELEFANT Oil® is available in 1 liter bottles (20 bottles per box) or drums of 10 liters.

Where can I buy the oil?

In many countries we are represented locally. Simply choose your country. If your country is not on the list, then please contact us directly.


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